Friday, October 16, 2009

Political Commentary

Even when my middle child was fairly young, she was interested in politics. She liked to read political cartoons and though sometimes it took some conversation with an adult, eventually she would get the message.

Herbert Block (Herblock) was a political cartoonist for 72 years. I recently noticed that his collection had been made available electronically on the Library of Congress website. It has been divided into "Exhibition Sections" which groups similar cartoons together with commentary. Items skewering Richard Nixon and his policies were found under "I Am Not a Crook". Animal Farm includes many cartoons with references about the right to vote, the separation of church and state and racial desegregation. You can search the entire collection as well. I've always been surprised by how much detail could be in a single cartoon - fascinating stuff!

Today my daughter lives in DC and writes for the Governor of Maryland. Perhaps the early exposure helped to lay the groundwork for where she is today.

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